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Get an 11 Minute Quote at Joe Basil Chevrolet

When you’re car-shopping in the Buffalo area, it can be quite a daunting process. From thoroughly researching vehicles you think will fit your lifestyle and budget, to completing the necessary paperwork to secure the keys, shopping for a vehicle may get tedious. However, here at Joe Basil Chevrolet, we understand how valuable our customers’ time is and we’re committed to providing them with the easiest car-buying experience possible. That’s why we have the 11-minute quote. Within minutes, you can have completed all of the work to getting closer to your dream car!

How Does the Quick Quote Work?

Cheektowaga drivers who opt for Joe Basil Chevrolet’s 11-minute quote can enjoy quick and easy car buying. Based on the criteria that you enter in the form below, this tool will scan the thousands of new and used vehicles across all 11 Basil Family Dealerships. When completing the 11-minute quote form, you can be as general or as specific as you’d like. If you already know how much money you’d like to put down, whether you want to buy or lease, and if you have a trade-in vehicle, your quote can be even more tailored to what you’re looking for.

* 12 Month Lease Pull Ahead, Any Make or Model Towards a New Chevrolet. Upgrade to the latest technology and safety features.

Call or text our 11 Minute Quote Hotline today at 333-1111.

Pursue a 12-Month Lease-Pull Ahead Program with Joe Basil Chevrolet

If you’ve utilized our 11-minute quote tool and found a Chevrolet vehicle that you like, but you’re currently in the middle of a lease term, there’s an option for you as well! While drivers typically lease a vehicle for about 36 months, a Chevy lease pull-ahead or a GM lease pull-ahead allows you to skip your last few payments, transition into a new vehicle, and start a new lease, before your current cycle even ends. Opting for a lease-pull ahead is perfect for drivers who are eager to get behind the wheel of a new vehicle sooner rather than later. Check out some additional perks of a lease pull-ahead:

  • If you’re currently leasing a vehicle that’s more expensive than what you can afford, a Chevy lease pull-ahead gives you the opportunity to get into a vehicle that better suits your financial circumstances.
  • Have you exceeded the mileage limit on your lease? You may be able to negotiate the extra accrued costs away when finalizing your lease pull-ahead offer.
  • Are you leasing a tiny coupe but your family is growing? If your current ride doesn’t suit your lifestyle needs anymore, a lease pull-ahead program will allow you to upgrade to an automobile that accommodates your life changes.

Why Shop with Joe Basil Chevrolet?

In addition to our 11-minute quote, we also offer Lancaster customers a variety of additional dealership-exclusive amenities and convenient online tools that will streamline the car-buying process:

If you have any questions regarding the Joe Basil Chevrolet quick quote, contact us today to start a conversation!

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