How Much is an Oil Change?

Oil Change


How much is an oil change in the Buffalo area? This essential car service has a pretty affordable price tag, usually from $25 to $50, depending on the vehicle and other factors. Schedule service now to get an affordable oil change, and read below for further information on oil change prices!

How Much Does it Cost for an Oil Change?

As suggested above, your ultimate oil change price in your Cheektowaga service center will depend upon a few factors. How much is an oil change on a luxury or high-performance vehicle? How much is an oil change if you want to switch to synthetic oil? These are good questions, so let’s try to answer them:

  • Synthetic Oil: If you have a high-performance vehicle, you may have noticed that it’s recommended you use synthetic oil. Synthetic oil changes do cost between $45 and $70, but synthetic oil also lasts longer.
  • Hybrid Oils: The market now has options for oils that are mixtures of synthetic and conventional. These can be cost-saving.
  • Warranty: Your vehicle could have a warranty that comes with a complimentary oil change, so look that up before you schedule service.

When you go to a service department for an oil change, they probably won’t charge you much. An oil change is a great opportunity for routine checks on other parts of your vehicle, from brakes and more. You can also check your car oil at home.

Why Turn to Joe Basil Chevrolet for an Oil Change?

At Joe Basil Chevrolet, we are happy to give Lancaster-area drivers expert service. We’ve worked hard to make sure our service center is a cut above:

  • Certified technicians will treat you and your vehicle with respect, and thoroughly inspect your car for any issues.
  • We honor coverage from your warranty and other owner benefits so you don’t have to sweat the oil change price.
  • Regular service specials keep our prices competitive and you happy!

Visit Joe Basil Chevrolet for a Low-Cost Oil Change

Does your Chevrolet need an oil change? Joe Basil Chevrolet is here to help Depew drivers get quick and affordable services. Contact our service center today with information about your vehicle and we’ll be happy to help you out!

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