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How to Winterize a Truck in Buffalo

Winter tire wheels using 4WD

Winter is coming. Although Chevy trucks are some of the most dependable models in the Cheektowaga area, it doesn’t hurt to prepare your pickup for bitter-cold winter weather. Winterizing a truck can seem complicated if you’re not used to driving in colder climates like New York, or if you’re a newer car owner. However, New York truck winterization is a fairly straightforward process, as you’ll find out below. Continue reading to find out how to winterize a diesel truck or gas-powered pickup with the experts at Joe Basil Chevrolet!



New York Truck Winterization Tips

As the weather continues to cool off around Lancaster, you’re probably wondering how to winterize your truck. We’ve broken down the most effective ways to winterize a truck for your convenience below. Just follow our recommended guidelines:

  • Get Unstuck from Snowbanks Using Your Floor Mat: Have you gotten stuck in a snowbank or large patch of snow in Lancaster? Don’t panic! Just turn off your car, and stick the rubber side of one of your floor mats under the spinning tire. Turn the car back on, put your foot on the gas, and it will provide the grip you need to get going!
  • De-Ice Your Lock Using Hand Sanitizer: Struggling to get your key into the lock on a chilly morning? Just put some hand sanitizer gel on the key and lock, and the problem is solved! Hand sanitizers contain alcohol, which is the main ingredient in most commercial de-icing solutions. Just make sure you carry a sanitizer that’s at least 60% alcohol.
  • Coat Your Windshield Wipers in Rubbing Alcohol: Whether you’re learning how to winterize a diesel truck or gas truck, your windshield wipers are effectively the same on either configuration. If your windshield wipers are squeaking or leaving streaks that make it hard to see, you’ll want to wipe them with a cloth saturated with rubbing alcohol or ammonia. These are solvents that cut through the buildup of grease and grime, the main culprits that prevent wipers from working properly.

Find Out More About Winterizing a Truck at Joe Basil Chevrolet!

Truck winterization in New York is absolutely essential as colder months begin to creep in. If you need further assistance or information from our certified Joe Basil Chevrolet technicians, we encourage you to schedule an appointment at our Depew Auto Center today! We’re more than happy to provide you with more truck winterization tips, help you shop for parts online, or break down current pricing for all our services.


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